Frontier Stories#1: 
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The Banyamulenge are nomadic pastoralists who arrived in Rwanda from the north, looking for  good grazing pasture. They then moved into Eastern Congo where they settled in the South Kivu Province.
Continually marginalised, they became displaced after the Congolese revoked citizenship in 1996, and later they were forced to go to the Gatumba UN refugee camp in Burundi for protection. This is where a massacre took place, 13th August 2004.
Film is memory. It records and, by being viewed, it imprints itself in the memory.
It’s also, by definition, the art form that best serves as a conduit of memories.
Thoughts and emotions are crystallised for posterity...

Frontier Stories is an opportunity. Your opportunity to express, recount, perform and share... a story, an experience and, ultimately, a memory.

At Frontier Media we have the firm belief that knowledge and experience should be shared.
Our experience ranges from commissioned documentaries to conceptual fiction and high-profile music videos. Our knowledge is rooted in a deep understanding of the cinematic potential of a project and is now available to you.

Frontier Stories establishes a new digital platform of which you can become a part of.
Whether life or personal circumstances have denied you of the chance to express yourself, you can now see your dream come true. We can advise and co-develop the right format within which to tell your story. If your natural inclination resides in performance, fiction or a showcase of skills may be the right approach for your film. If your personal tale is that of survival in the face hardship and you consider yourself camera-shy, we can focus on gestures and meaningful objects.
The language to be employed will always be tailored to suit and complement your story.
Poetic or matter-of-fact, there isn’t a single, definite approach - only the right one for you.

We can bring the art out of you, as an individual. Together, we can create your perfect, unique and inspirational reflection as a human being...

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